Sweet Honey Honey

Saints Beer & Folk Fest opens tomorrow at 12noon – with the taste of sweet honey!

Not only are the fabulous ‘Honey & The Bear‘ folk band headlining the Friday Folk Night gig, but Beer&Co are delighted to confirm that Suffolk craft brewery ‘Mr Bee’ is supplying cask ale to the Festival – to add to debut beers from other innovative Suffolk breweries Little Earth Project and Station 119.

Beelightful is an English Ale with a difference, made in Trimley by Mr Bee, using the finest natural ingredients including Suffolk honey, straight from their own beehives. Beer&Co met Head brewer Tim Berni who explained how his bees make this beer special. Mr Bee apiaries are situated around different villages near the beautiful Suffolk coast which this year will be home to more than 14,000,000 honey bees. Tim is very proud that they will be out pollinating crops, plants and flowers – which helps to support local agriculture, wildlife and the local environment. The bees produce delicious honey of course, and this is used to make the tasty ‘hoppy’ flavoured Beelightful ale.

The Festival will introduce real ales and ciders to Suffolk from across the UK, with distinct beers from Derbyshire and South Wales leading the charge – and we are also providing a range of bottled beers from established craft breweries in the UK, Stateside and Belgium. There will without doubt be a style and taste to get you excited, from a Double IPA to Raspberry Stout, or Rye and Amarillo Saison to Honey Ale of course (and we will have red and white wine available at the bar too!).

FYI – Join us while you can – we only have a limited supply of each beer for the 2-day event!
Visit Saints Beer & Folk Fest for more info re; opening times and music line-up + full Beer Tasting List.