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This GrapevineLIVE at Arlies vintage swing set with 3-part harmony darlings ‘The Knightingales’ is due to be re-scheduled from it’s original date – do Cheap Tramadol Cod for breaking news of this event.

You won’t be able to resist this mix of 1940’s classics and post-modern jukebox favourites in the stunning Ballroom at Arlington’s as you dance the night away, with dining options with table service + a fabulous selection of craft beer, gin, fizz and spirits available.

18.00 – Bar open
19.00 – Two course dining option
20.30 – Live music with The Nightingales – Set 1
21.30 – Break for the band
22.30 – Live music with The Knightingales – Set 2
23.30 – Close

Pay & Display parking is available within 5 minutes walk of the venue.

Tickets will be available for purchase here till 11pm the day before the event (unless sold-out before this time), after which only walk-up sales are available.
Tickets are non-refundable except in the circumstances of the event being cancelled or re-scheduled.