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Beer & Co’s first ‘Ipswich Maritime Gin Festival was a fantastic success, with six sessions over eight days, featuring a special selection of fabulous gins from Suffolk and across the globe.

The festival took place between 16-24 August and provided a unique series of tastings across a variety of fabulous locations in Ipswich courtesy of ‘Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery‘.

Gin enthusiasts were treated to evening cruises along the river Orwell, a gin cocktail supper at Suffolk Food Hall, fireworks spectacular with the Gin Lord + brunch and lunch gin tastings.

And feedback from customers has been so positive that we are already planning for a follow-up Festival next year, where we aim to create more memorable experiences and introducing even more amazing gins and distillers. Hold the date (Aug 2019)!

Our Gin menu at this years festival was:

Session 1: Gin on the Orwell
Thursday 16th August, 18.30 – 20.30, Orwell Lady Charter, Ipswich

G&T’s served
1 – Heart of Suffolk Rosie’s Gin + ‘Franklin & Sons’ Black Olive & Hibiscus Tonic + fresh rosemary garnish
2 – Heart of Suffolk Betty’s Gin + ‘Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic + fresh thyme garnish
3 – Heart of Suffolk Rosie’s Gin + ‘Franklin & Sons’ Natural Indian Tonic + fresh strawberry garnish
4 – Heart of Suffolk Betty’s Gin + ‘Franklin & Sons’ Naturally Light Tonic + fresh orange garnish
5 – Customer choice from the Beer&Co. Gin Bar

Session 2: Gin Cocktail Supper
Friday 17th August, 19.00 – 21.30, Suffolk Food Hall, Ipswich

Gin Cocktails served
1 – Veneto 75: Haymans Old Tom Gin + Prosecco, Hulled strawberry juice, fresh strawberry & mint garnish
2 – Sicilian Martini: Brokers London Dry Gin + Sweet Vermouth, Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemonade & Elderflower mixer, fresh lemon & basil garnish
3 – Suffolk Sling: Carpenters London Dry Gin + Brandy, Franklin & Sons Cloudy Apple & Yorkshire Rhubarb mixer, fresh lime & Moschino cherry garnish
4 – Seville Sunrise: Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla Gin + Bourbon, Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic, fresh orange & mint garnish

Session 3: Summer Gin Brunch
Saturday 18th August, 11.00 – 13.00, Arlingtons Cafe & Restaurant, Ipswich

G&T’s served
1 – Jindea Gin + Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic, fresh lemon & mint garnish
2 – Haymans Old Tom Gin + Franklin & Sons tonics & mixers selection
3 – Customers choice from from the Beer&Co. Gin Bar

Session 4: Gin & Fireworks Spectacular with the Gin Lord
Saturday 18th August, 19.00 – 21.30, Jerwood Dance House, Ipswich

G&T’s served:
1 – Drumshando Gunpowder Irish Gin + selection of Franklin & Son’s Tonics & mixers, fresh garnish
2 – Rock Rose Premium Scottish Gin + selection of Franklin & Son’s Tonics & mixers, fresh garnish
3 – Haymans Old Tom Gin + selection of Franklin & Son’s Tonics & mixers, fresh garnish
4 – Whitley Neill Quince Gin + Franklin & Son’s Natural Indian Tonic
5 – Sipsmith Sloe Gin + Franklin & Son’s Tonics & mixers selection

Session 5: Summer Gin Lunch
Sunday 19th August, 12.00 – 14.00, Arlingtons Cafe & Restaurant

G&T’s served
1 – Scapegrace Dry Gin + Franklin & Son’s tonics & mixers selection + fresh orange garnish
2 – Tarquins Cornish Dry Gin + Franklin & Son’s Pink Grapefruit & Hibiscus Tonic + fresh lime garnish
3 – Whitley Neil Raspberry Gin + Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic + fresh lemon garnish
4 – Customers choice from the Beer&Co. Gin Bar

Session 6: Gin on the Orwell
Friday 24th August – 19.30-21.30 – hosted by the Orwell Lady

G&T’s Served
1 – Eden Mill Oak Gin + Franklin & Son’s Franklin & Son’s Pink Grapefruit & Hibiscus Tonic + fresh lemon garnish
2 – Sipsmith London Dry Gin + Franklin & Son’s Tonics & mixers selection + fresh lemon & thyme garnish
3 – Eden Mill Hop Gin + Franklin & Son’s Tonics & mixers + fresh rosemary garnish
4 – Bathtub Sloe Gin + Franklin & Son’s Natural Indian Tonic + fresh lime garnish
5 – Customers choice from the Beer&Co. Gin Bar

Don’t miss out on future events..including forthcomingCheap Tramadol Mastercardsessions. Buying Tramadol In Thailand to our mail list and follow us on Order Tramadol From Canada for breaking news!