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Secret Beer Club is for anyone who loves craft beer, with a range of 150ml tastings from exceptional craft brewers + a few nibbles, friends, a beer reviewer and local brewer.

Session 4 on Thursday 7th Dec 2017 was hosted by Lady Norfolk and Lord Rust at their shop of eclectic wonderment’s, 30 Queen Street, Ipswich, and included the following fabulous tasters. Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery.

Brewer Beer Style ABV
Cabin Innspiration Amber Ale 5.0%
Boundary & HonestBrew Of The Hills Honey & Tea Porter Porter 5.5%
Naparbier Crimson Bird Raspberry Saison Saisson 6.1%
Burnt Mill Eastview IPA American IPA 6.5%
Wild Beer Co Millionaire Milk Stout 4.7%