Secret Beer Club with Ampersand Brew Co

Exciting young East Anglian brewers Ampersand Brew Co hosted Secret Beer Club on 27th June, at the special Unicorn Studios, Orwell Place, Ipswich.

Secret Beer Club is a series of exceptional craft beer sessions featuring the very best breweries from the UK. Ampersand, Burnt Mill, Adnams, Lacon’s, Calvors and Solvay Society are just a few of the breweries who have hosted Secret Beer Club – each offering a unique range of beer tastings and industry insights.

Celebrated as a progressive brewery that embraces wholly modern beer styles, Ampersand are based on a family farm in the Waveney Valley on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.  And they treated us to a full range of flavours, from a complex Dark Cheery Sour to a very quafable and smooth Dark Lager. The full tasting list can be seen below.