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It’s officially ‘party season’, and if you haven’t booked a ticket to Saints Big 80s Christmas Party and NYE Hootenanny, you’d better head over to our Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery before time runs out!

Saints Big 80s Christmas Party – Cheap Tramadol Mastercard
This is a Christmas party like you’ve never seen before. Hosted in the central location of St Peter’s by the Waterfront, a medieval church converted into a stunning music and arts venue, our 80’s bash will have all the glitz and glam of a night at Studio 54 – without the exclusive guest list!

Dance until you can dance no more to the biggest hits of the era. Whether you love Vogue-ing to Madonna or belting out Toto’s Africa, Relevance Video Disco will be playing your favourite tunes all night long. Prepare for the ultimate Saturday night soundtrack!

To ensure you always have a drink in your hand, we’ve prepared specialist gin, cocktail, Prosecco and craft beer bars with delicious tipples to see you through the evening. But don’t eat beforehand as there’ll be plenty of mouth-watering street food available on the night. Choose from delicious options including turkey, stuffing and bacon wraps, steak burgers, vegan and gluten free alternatives, and more.

Dress up, dress down or turn heads in fancy dress – it’s up to you. Our dress code is ‘fun’, and you’re sure to have lots of it as long as you bring your dancing shoes (and a flexible waistband for all that yummy food).

Last year’s event was such a big hit, with guests calling it “the best Christmas party ever” AND we’re determined to make 2018’s event bigger and better than before – so come and join us for a night to remember.

We’ve already sold out for our Christmas party on 14th December, but tickets for 15th December are still available. Buying Tramadol In Thailand

Saints New Year Hootenanny – Order Tramadol From Canada
You won’t find another New Year’s Eve celebration in central Ipswich quite like this! Once again hosted in the beautiful St Peter’s by the Waterfront music and arts venue, our Hootenanny is the talk of the town.

BBC Radio presenter Stephen ‘Foz’ Foster will introduce sets from rock ‘n roll kings J.S & The Lockerbillies, soul-funk-boogie master DJ Daniel Lee Harvey and an exclusive GrapevineLIVE acoustic performance from folk-punk guitarist James Morgan. With something for everyone, there’s no excuse not to bring your friends along to this unmissable event!

Now, we just wouldn’t be Beer&Co if we didn’t provide an excellent selection of drink, would we? So we will be offering be the most gorgeous range of gins, spirits, cocktails and craft beers around.

Try something crafty from a local brewery or a fabulous distillery  and toast the New Year with your friends at this extra special event. Best Site To Order Tramadol Online