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Winter Festival Champions

Beer & Co are pleased to announce that our first Winter Festival Champion brew, as selected by visitors to the Saints New Year Beer & Wine Festival in Ipswich.

More than 1000 people passed through doors of St Peters By The Waterfront for the Festival and Hootenanny. The atmosphere was special – in the stunning St. Peters By The Waterfront – and the overwhelming consensus was that the selection of beers and wines available was fantastic.

Oblivion, a gorgeous Amber Ale from Oakham Ales in Peterborough was voted as the champion beer, with the Malbec 1884 (Red) from Argentina chosen the favourite wine.

Notable runners-up were Hoppy Potter and the Goblet of Ale by Scribblers Ale, and Portman by local Dove Street Brewery in the Beer Category, while Merlot Ironstone California (Red) and Blush Chilford Hundred (Rose) from Cambridge came close in the wine category.

Event partner Graham Addison of ahead4wine was not surprised that regional vineyard Chilford came out near the top: “We had so many people coming back for these English wines, and the Rose is like strawberries and cream in a glass…real quality”!

Marc Titford, co-owner of Beer & Co said: “Really pleased with the range of Beers on offer, and almost any one of them could have been the Champion to be honest. It was great to have beer from a number of Breweries from outside of the region this time, alongside our local breweries including some fabulous beers from micro-breweries such as Inspiration from Cabin Brewery, Suffolk [see photo of Cabin Brewery owner Chris Smith above]. And we should also name the top Ciders as nominated by festival goe’rs: in first place was Snails Bank Appley Dappley, with Thistley Cross Whiskey Cask, and Lilley’s Crazy Goat as close runners-up.”

We are also really pleased to announce that Festival goer’s Tony Cole and Katy West were the lucky winners of a £10 beer card each for use at our next event – Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery at St. Peters By The Waterfront, Ipswich on 28th and 29th April 2017. Tony chose Oakham Ales Inferno as his Festival champion beer, while Katy selected Hellhound Thunder Struck.

Winter Festival Launch

Beer&Co has a double-whammy of new year celebrations for you this December – including the very first Winter Beer & Wine Festival to be held at St. Peters by the Waterfront.

Shake off those winter blues and join us for what promises to be a special occasion in this stunning setting. With over 30 cask ales from across the region and a fantastic selection of ciders, wines (and mulled wines) fitting of the season, you are sure to find a drink selection to match your palette – while locally sourced street food will be available throughout.

We are also pleased as punch to announce that we will have live ‘Open Mic’ sets presented by Cheap Tramadol Mastercard to keep you entertained.

Price on the door: £2.50
Opening times: Friday 30 Dec, 12noon – 11pm / Saturday 31 Dec, 12noon – 7pm

Do also join us for our Buying Tramadol In Thailand, hosted by the BBC’s Stephen ‘Foz’ Foster, from 8pm on 31st December