A milestone moment.. and it tasted good!

Secret Beer Club (Session 8) reaches a milestone on 24th May – as we serve the 50th unique craft beer since way back at Session 1 – while our customers agree that beer has never tasted so good!

We set-out to serve a range of the most highly rated and interesting beers from around the world, which has included many regional beers – a testament to the skill and craft of East Anglian Brewers.

And we have been lucky enough to host many of these outstanding breweries at Secret Beer Club including: Big Drop; Burnt Mill; Cabin; Calvors; Lacons; Station 1-1-9; Watts & Co, who have shared special stories and brewing secrets.

It really is an exciting time for craft beer industry as more small and adventurous breweries bring us a diversity of styles and flavours – which we believe will continue to ensure that ‘beer never tasted so good’ for a very long time to come. Have a look at the list below of unique tasters that have been served at previous sessions – and we will continue our search for more fabulous beers to serve.

PS – we would love to hear from you if you would like to try a specific beer, or style of beer at a future Secret Beer Club session.. and this little list from the Brewers Association might get you thinking (especially the Hybrid/Mixed Lagers or Ale)?