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Peppery Productions welcomed ‘Hank Wangford & The Lost Cowboys’ to Ipswich for a special ‘Grapevine LIVE‘ gig at the Manor Ballroom, Ipswich, on 12th October.

Peppery regulars were familiar with Hank Wangford’s star quality and The Lost Cowboys didn’t disappoint with their deadpan humour and second-to-none musicianship.

It was an unforgettable roller-coaster ride ‘Country’ style, with harmonies, steel guitar wizardry, tears and laughter with stories of tragedy, love and broken hearts in obscure honky tonk classics and originals from Hank and co.

The singer, travel writer, doctor and president of the Nude Mountaineering Society has spread the word with his two ground breaking television series and his books, but mostly by performing with his band the Lost Cowboys.

With Martin Belmont (Graham Parker, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash) on Stratocaster and 6-String Bass and world famous pedal steel guitar ace BJ Cole (Elton John, REM, The Verve etc.) in the band you get three legends for the price
of one!

  • “If you want originality, something that still has the bite and twang that drained out of so much country, the sharp cutting wit and the rawness of hard country, then there is only one man to see. His name is Hank Wangford.” New York Times

Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery for Beer&Co event announcements.
Follow Cheap Tramadol Mastercard for news of their upcoming gigs.