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Frolics & Bangs presented ‘Murder at The Gin Parlour‘, a glamorous 1920’s Murder Mystery Supper Club, to Suffolk revellers on 27th October 2018. And the scene of the crime was the Black Cat.. AKA St. Lawrence Church, Ipswich.

There was decadence in the Dining Room with action and intrigue as the best in music, food, mystery and cabhorray was served!

The audience lost their inhibitions for the evening but keep their wits. The likely suspects of staff and performers making all question their motives (and guilt) as they tried to hide their intentions, along with the evidence. Did you work out who dunnit??

With a delectable four-course feast from Vernon Blackmore, one of East Anglia’s best-loved chefs and creative food entrepreneurs and hedonistic revelry hosted by Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery and friends in the Ballroom till late, the party went into the early hours.

For information about future events & ticket Cheap Tramadol Mastercard for Buying Tramadol In Thailand newsletters.