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It was a match-up to savour as Secret Beer Club brought some of the very best craft beer that England & Belgium have to offer… in homage to the World Cup match on the same date (28th June).
The football didn’t go our way and we probably have to admit that Belgium edged the tasting too as a range of Tripels, Dubbels and Blondes ran England ragid… while a special consignment of Westvleteren 12 Quadruples undoubtedly stole the show!
Still, it was a close run thing with England well represented by Thornbridge – Chiron IPA, Lost & Grounded – Running with Spectres Black Beer, and Vibrant Forest – Bourbon Oktober Imperial Russian Stout. All outstanding beers!
And our hosts: Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery of Museum Street, Ipswich, made the evening extra special with their hospitality + a traditional Belgian Carbonnades Flamandes dining offer (a version of boeuf bourguignon + frites).
You will be devastated if you missed out on this treat of a session we know.. but there is more & more coming your way, with our next Secret Beer Session due on Thursday 26th July. Be the first to receive event details of this and other fabulous events by signing up to Cheap Tramadol Mastercard (and visiting our Buying Tramadol In Thailand of course!)
For those of you that want to know more about the special Beers brewed by the Saint Sixtus Abbey monks in Vleteren, Order Tramadol From Canada