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Beer & Co. are thrilled with the overwhelming support received for the inaugural ‘Saints Beer Festival’ in Ipswich – with over 1000 visitors – and we can confirm that we plan for this to be the first of many!

The drink selection (see below) was a huge hit with visitors, with 33 cask ales, 13 ciders, bottled & draught Belgian beer + a fantastic selection of wines available to taste. We were especially pleased with the positive feedback received from customers who were keen to try a variety of new and drinkable ales within the context of a Beer Festival. Many saying that they loved being able to see so many regional ales at one event (and staying with us for the duration in order to taste them all!).

Musical entertainment kept the crowds feet tapping, with acoustic sets provided by local musicians Adam Rawcliffe, Free Jazz Symposium (featuring Jonny Jazz), Behind the Nuts and Exit 13, with special guests Rhiannon The Nightmare from South East London performing a fabulous set of original work and cover versions.

‘St. Peters by the Waterfront’ proved to be a popular venue for this new event for customers and local businesses alike. Cake and Catwalk owner Lynne Turner said: ‘There are many independent traders along St. Peters and St. Nicholas Street that have been working hard to create an exciting atmosphere for shoppers, which is crucial to the Towns ambitions of linking the waterfront to the town centre. The fact that Greg and Marc have come on-board and created a new event especially for ‘The Saints’ is really exciting and can only be good for our business”!

We must also offer our thanks to the many local organisations who have helped make the Festival a reality.  UoS Atrium Studios have supported us all the way, as have Harwich Town Brewery and Ipswich and East Suffolk CAMRA.

Squircle Creative have worked closely with us to create a fantastic brand, while Smart Alec Media and IamDamian Design have created and sponsored this Festival pamphlet + beer card (+ much more!).

There are many friends (and family) that we must thank wholeheartedly too. But perhaps our biggest thanks go to the many volunteers who are helped us get the Festival off the ground, and who we simply couldn’t have done it without!!

Yours cheerfully, Greg and Marc

Video Walk Through

Drink selection

Adnams – Mosaic 4.1% Pale Ale
Bishop Nick – Heresy 4.0% Amber
Brentwood – Summer Virgin 4.5% Golden
Brentwood – Chockwork Orange 6.5% Stout
Briarbank – All Saint 3.7% Golden Ale
Briarbank – All Sinner 4.2% Amber/Mild/Bitter
Cabin – Goldrush 4.0% Golden
Colchester – Metropolis 3.9% Golden
Colchester – Jack Spitty’s Smugglers Ale 4.0% Bitter
Crouch Vale – Brewers Gold 4.0% Golden
Crouch Vale – Jarrylo 4.0% Golden
Dove Street – Underwood Mild 3.2% Mild
Dove Street – Apples and Pears 4.2% Light bitter
Dove Street – Dove Street Stout 4.5% Stout
Earl Soham – Sir Roger’s Porter 4.0% Porter
Elephant School – Aussie Blonde 4.0% Golden/blonde
Golden Triangle – Citropolis 3.9% Golden
Grain – Lignum Vitae 6.5% Strong
Green Jack – Ripper 8.5% Belgian Style Tripel
Harwich Town – Hamlet 4.0% Copper
Harwich Town – GMSN 4.0% Golden
Hopback – Summer Lightning 4.0% Blonde
Mauldons – Black Adder 5.0% Stout
Oakham – Green Devil IPA 6.0% Strong
Oakham – Citra 4.2% Blonde
Oakham – Jeffrey Hudson Bitter 3.8% Light Gold
Old Cannon – Best Bitter 3.8% Amber
Pitfield – 1850 London Porter 5.0% Stout
St. Peters – Orange Blaze 3.8% Wheat Beer
St. Peters – EPA 4.0% Pale Ale
Wolf – Sirius Dog Star 4.4% Ruby Red
Woodfordes – Norada 3.6% Amber
St. Peters – Dark G3 Gluten Free 3.9% Gluten Free Dark Ale
St. Peters – Light G3 Gluten Free 4.2% Gluten Free Light Ale
Abrahalls – Lily the Pink 4.5% Medium
Abrahalls – Thundering Molly 5.2% Medium
Glebe Farm – Side R Elderflower 6.0% Medium
Gwynt Y Ddraig – Black Dragon 7.2% Medium
Gwynt Y Ddraig – Two trees 4.5% Perry
Hecks – Blakeney Red 6.0% Medium Sweet Perry
Lilley’s Cider Barn – Crazy Goat 6.8% Medium Sweet Pyder
Lilley’s Cider Barn – Merry Monkey Scrumpy 4.5% Medium Scrumpy
Snail’s Bank – Appley Dappley weet 5.2% Sweet
Snail’s Bank – Orchard 5.2% Dry
Thistle Cross – Original 6.2% Dry
Thistle Cross – Whisky Cask 6.9% Medium Dry
Fruli Strawberry 4.1% Strawberry Fruit Beer
Liefmanns Kriek 6.0% Cherry Fruit Beer
Chimay 7.0% Belgian Rogue Dubbel
Delirium Tremens 8.5% Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Gulden Draak 10.5% Belgian Quadruple
Kapitel Watou 6.5% Belgian Blonde Pale Ale
Omer 8.0% BelgianStrong Pale Ale
Orval 6.2% Belgian Trappist Ale
Popperings Hommel Bier 7.5% Belgian IPA
Rochefort 10 11.3% Belgian Quadruple
Spencer 6.5% American Belgian style
Trappist Pale Ale
Tripel Karmeliet 8.4% Belgian Tripel
Westmalle Dubbel 7.0% Belgian Trappist Dubbel
Westmalle Tripel 9.5% Belgian Trappist Tripel
Zundert 8.0% Dutch Belgian style Trappist Tripel
Martin Códax Albariño 12.0% White – Spain
Riff Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie Terra Alpina 2015 12.5% White – Italy
Cote Chalonnaise Buissonnier 2014 12.5% White – France
Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2015 13.0% White – New Zealand
Navajas Reserva Rioja 2010 14.0% Red – Spain
Ironstone Merlot 2014

Photo Gallery

[unitegallery saintsfestival]